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Hosted Services

A Hosted service is when your data, such as email, files, or databases, are stored at our location; remotely accessed by you, the client. The data is stored on a server or servers that are either owned by you, the client, or us. These choices are the result of careful planning with your best interests always in mind.

The reasons for a company to consider a hosted solution or service with us can vary. Here are a few key factors to consider:

  • A company can virtually eliminate the typical expenses related to the purchase and maintenance of server equipment.
  • You can virtually eliminate the typical expenses due to staffing to support server equipment.
  • Your data becomes our biggest priority. You are no longer concerned about your backups and restores because that is our job. Your data security is handled by us.
  • Are you worried you might be hacked? We take care of these concerns and eliminate this risk.
  • If your office computers are getting outdated? Not a problem. With a hosted solution, this issue is relieved because you do not need new computers to access your data.

There are endless reasons for a company to use a hosted solution with us. Here, the curtain is pulled back and we discuss how we will ensure that you can get to your data securely and virtually any time you want.

We employ two climate control systems to ensure that your data is in optimum environmental conditions. These two systems work together to ensure environmental stability. While either system would suffice, having more than one environmental monitoring system gives our clients another level of protection.

We ensure internet connectivity with multiple dedicated fiber lines that are bonded together to achieve maximum speed. In the event there is an issue, the line in question drops and the remaining fiber lines automatically pick up with no downtime. We provide an internet uptime of over 99% with an industry standard SLA (Service Level Agreement).

To protect your data, we use multiple levels of hardware. Your data is always protected. In the event of a hardware failure, we utilize redundant hard drives on hosted solution servers. Your data is available to you at all times.

To make sure all systems are always running, we utilize ten's of thousands of KVA (batteries) that will keep all of our hosted solutions on-line for hours. In the event that power is not returning in a reasonable amount of time, we then utilize our backup power solutions that will run all hosted solutions for the foreseeable future, regardless of service provider availability. At Tech Consulting Specialists, power redundancy is an immediate and key focus.

In the event of data deletion, the backups that are used for the restore process are stored both locally and off-site.

For clients that require disaster recovery, we can duplicate your set-up at different locations, depending on your needs.

The Hosted Server solutions of your business are set-up with your individual needs in mind and priced very competitively in the information technology market. We can host any server or application that your business uses. These options includes Microsoft, Linux, Unix, Hyper-V, or VMWare environments.

Ask about an exciting and amazing hosting solution that Tech Consulting Specialists has created. Imagine all IT maintenance, troubleshooting, and problem solving being consolidated into a single, low, monthly cost. That is an exclusive service provided by Tech Consulting Specialists.


E very company relies on their infrastructure to support the flow and process of information. Building and implementing a solid infrastructure often begins with selecting the right servers, routers, switches, workstations, printers, and operating systems. Then you must determine the appropriate way to store and transmit data.

We offer complete infrastructure planning and we can also help your company with maintenance or upgrades tasks.

We will work closely with your company to identify and assess your individual needs. In turn we will give you an infrastructure strategy based on this comprehensive and in-depth analysis.

Web Solutions

W e can help you to set up and design a new website, or help you with maintenance and updates on an existing website. We can also design or set up an eCommerce solution if your company needs one.

We can build a website to your liking, running on either Windows-based Servers or Linux-based Servers. Some of the features our websites can include are:

  • Mass emailing or newsletters to website users
  • Online stores or marketplaces. This includes the ability to accept all major credit cards & PayPal
  • Calendaring and scheduling systems
  • Blogging Capabilities
  • Image Galleries and Graphical Slideshows
  • Custom-coded solutions from the ground up

We devote our skills towards the small to medium business. Sites can be designed based on need and functional purpose. We design sites in pure HTML/CSS, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, and PHP . Sites are hosted at our location and run on several redundant fiber connections. In case of failure, our powerful co-location redundancy allows websites to remain on-line. Our internet connection is dynamic, allowing us to expand bandwidth as needed.

System Security

S ecurity is the one concept that seems to get pushed aside in business. This is often the result of being complacent. At Tech Consulting Specialists, we push security first and we are here to help educate our valued customers. During this process, we help our customers protect their valued data and network connections. At Tech Consulting Specialists we really push security first!

We offer a free wireless security analysis to all new customers. We know that brute force attack methods are being leveraged to attack wireless networks. These threats demand wireless networks be set up securely. Not only can attackers possibly get to your sensitive data, but they get access to your internet connection to do illegal activities. When law enforcement agencies are at your door, you will have to explain why illegal internet activity is tracking back to your IP address.

Let our knowledge secure your network today before a problem occurs you can't undo.

Contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a time for your free wireless analysis.

Off-Site Backup

T here are many traditional methods to backing up your data. The most common in use today are magnetic tape drives. While many tape drives serve as excellent backup solutions, there are many disadvantages to using them. Tapes can become faulty, get dirty, are often very expensive, and have a short life span.

We offer robust off-site backup solutions that eliminate the need to rely solely on traditional media for backups. Many companies add this option to their existing backup solution as a secondary/redundant process. This allows for the on-site backup plan to have its own, secondary level of security; off-site backups.

It's important for a business to have redundant data storage. Data is stored off site and accessible in the event of a disaster. Electrical, fire, water, and other types of damage pose no threat to a secured off-site backup. Most importantly, your data is always available.

There are many options to suite your company's needs. The solution that's right for you is waiting.

VoIP Solutions

V oIP is quickly becoming an industry telecommunications standard for businesses world wide. We specialize in complete phone system integration and upgrades. In many cases, a VoIP phone systems ROI can pay for itself in telecommunications cost in a very short period of time. The benefits include the ability to have remote extensions, voicemail to email notification, conference calling, follow me (If you are not available at your extension, your call can be forwarded to any number), and many more amazing features.

A VoIP phone system's expandability is unlimited. Manageability is simple, making it easy for you to quickly perform tasks such as adding extensions. Extensions are tied to phones, not phone connections making moves as easy as moving the phone to a different network connection.

Contact us for a demo or an assessment of your telecommunications needs.